Doing things right

Some of the keys to success in your adventure in the implementation or development of software are:

Moderate initial investments

Business is Business, we will not get tired of hearing it. You must make a reduced and effective investment and recover the investment in a reasonable time. As your business grows, increase your investments.

We suggest:

Use free or low-cost software initially, as much as possible. Establish phases in your projects and do not start one until you have completed the previous one.

Be realistic in your business plan

Almost everything in this life has an exponential behaviour. At the beginning a lot of effort is made and little result is obtained. Subsequently, as we move forward, with little effort, we are able to obtain a great benefit. If you establish a service over the Internet, at first the number of accesses will be reduced. Little by little, with a directed strategy, it will increase and with a bit of luck, your service will be transmitted by word of mouth and will have thousands of daily visits. But do not wait the first day, except for honourable exceptions, to have thousands of users in your service.

Only two things sell well, a good product or a good marketing campaign

If you have a good product, its quality will sell itselfon its own and it will give you an exit, obtaining as much information as possible from the habit of your buyers. If the product has strong competition, it must seem the best, or at least, its name should sound more than that of others.

We suggest:

Be sure to provide a good computer system that guarantees the operability of your sales force. Enter words such as Business Intelligence, CRM one-to-one, into your vocabulary.

When you create your Web, make sure that the client, at first glance, finds what he is looking for, and do not abuse of the graphic design.

Innovation is good, the excess can be allowed by a few

Technological innovation is vital for progress but this does not mean that we always have to use the technology that just came out the day before. This is always applicable, except that your product is the competitive advantage of knowledge.
We suggest:
Use stable versions of the products you will purchase. Wait for others to try the latest versions of the products and report errors and incidents. Within a few weeks you will benefit from the benefits.

Monitor what your competition does

Do not forget that in every business, something is sold, be it physical products, services or image. It is important to look at what your competition does to never lose references. This does not mean repeating what others do, but if they distance us too much, by wanting to get us to the same level in a short time, it will cost us a lot of money and also the mistakes they have made little by little, we will commit them all at once.

We suggest:

If you do not have your own resources, request a comparative report from a specialized company. Establish a linear and continuous innovation and development strategy.

Do not be impressed by the big service companies

A large company that sells a product with a large market share offers many guarantees. The services, in this case the computer ones, usually depend on the talent and involvement of the staff. Unfortunately, lately we have lived through a period in which more brands than quality have been sold.

We suggest:

Contrast the curricula of your candidates and interview them one by one. Probably it will be the only contact he has with the company and if you look at it coldly, many times, you would not care working one or the other.

Do not carry out projects / subprojects for more than 2 months duration

One of the least desired sensations in the business world is surprise and worse when the surprise is bad. If you hire something as little measurable as a computer solution, you can make continuous changes of direction, brutal investments and in the end, not obtain a product

We suggest:

Decompose a complex task into simpler and more staggered tasks. Always make a semi-functional model of what you expect to obtain as a result at the end of a phase. Start new services little by little. Your customers will appreciate the novelty and you will be sure that your business advances.

Be sure to define short-term goals for your entire company

If we had to define Enterprise, we could say that it is a set of resources oriented to a common goal. Never forget that human resources are the engine and it has to be well greased and revised. A team without objectives feels frustrated and underappreciated. Establish hierarchically objective; To those responsible, quarterly, to the middle managers, monthly, and to the executing staff, that the previous ones establish weekly objectives.

We suggest:

Gratify the good results. Get yourself with a tool so that this information provides historical knowledge: costs, deadlines, delays, problems, etc. Surely in the near future you will have to face similar tasks and be able to assess them properly.

Always have a contingency plan at hand

In case of tragedy (material or human) your business must survive. Have up-to-date information on the contact persons with whom your organization relates, official periodic commitments, exchanges of information, etc. An effective and complex computer system without documentation about how to reinstall it is a continuous risk. A project requires documentation


Hire external personnel to ensure that you have sufficient knowledge of your organization. Identify the essential people of your organization and ask yourself why they are essential; make the answers be reflected in a document.

Boost your business with dynamic outsourced personnel

The worst thing that can happen, within your company, is that your people enter into a situation of monotony, apathy and technological stagnation. Something also common in companies is to confuse the end and the medium. A developer can fall into the mistake of doing something complex for the satisfaction of being able to do it, leaving aside if the effort is really worth it.


Make sure your staff understands your business and what the objectives and strategies are in the medium and long term. Periodically enter personnel that contribute new knowledges and visions.

If you believe that these conclusions give you a new vision of the business and technology ... call us.

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